AbyssWars PW User Panel Guidelines

Shop Info:

- BE SURE you select your character before purchasing any item in Shop

- be sure you have enough USD or Vote Gold before purchasing any item

- items purchased will be delivered through in game mail to you character

- you can gift items to the friends you have in game



- All donations will be added as USD (you can transfer USD to game using Services > USD to Game Gold

 * By donating to the server you agree to the rules, conditions below and Terms and Conditions
 * We do not give refunds unless there is a technical difficulty with a purchase.
 * We reserve the right to ban delete or perform any actions necessary if one of your characters breaks rules explicitly or implicitly listed on the rules page, or in any special case that is deemed worthy of these actions.
 * If you wish to donate but do not want anything in return just mention that in the email.
 * Please do not pay anywhere else but our website, even to GMs, this is the only place that you can pay where your money will benefit the server.



- Vouchers will be given in game or website randomly and they will contain items, item packs or Gold



- BE SURE you select your character before using any of the services

- Website Gold To Game Gold moves Gold from the website to the game, the transaction its non-refundable and its just one way web > game

Website Gold To Game Gold exchange rate its 1 USD = 1 Game Gold

- Reset Experience will reset character exp to 0, player must be logged out

- Reset Spirit will reset character spirit to 0, player must be logged out

- Reset Stash Password will recover access to your stash, player must be logged out

- Teleport Character can be used if you are stuck in game


Vote For Gold:

- Vote all 6 top sites to receive 27 Vote Credits that can be transformed in 27 Vote Gold 

- Each player can obtain 54 Vote Gold every day if they vote all 6 tops every 12 hours

- Vote Credits can be exchanged to Vote Gold trough the Vote Panel Transfer Vote Credits Feature

- Vote Gold can be transferred to Game Gold trough AbyssWars PW User Panel Services named Vote Gold to Game Gold


Small Vote Guide:

1. Go to http://vote.abysswars.com
2. Create Vote Account or jump to number 3 if you have Vote Account already
3. Log in with your Vote Account
4. Vote all 6 topsites (can be voted each 12 hours)
5. Click on Transfer Vote To Game Credits
6. Click on Link Abyss Wars Account and add there your account and pass 
7. After successfully linking the game account, you can transfer Vote Credits to Vote Gold
8. After you transferred your Vote Gold go here: http://ucp.abysswars.com, log in with your game account, your gold will be there
- you can use it to buy items in webshop http://ucp.abysswars.com/index.php?/shop2 (dont forget to select your character first)
- you can transfer the Vote Gold to Game Gold by using Services > Vote Gold To Game Gold (rate is 1 Vote Gold = 1 Game Gold)